Ethics & Facts

Ethical Veganism

No consumption or use of animal products, including from our human residents or board members. We strive to promote ethical, cruelty-free living for our animal residents and our planet.

Homing Of Rescues

All residents are given a safe structure to protect them from outdoor elements and predators along with safe outdoor space. We are working on replacing current unusable structures to create a more stable indoor area for our residents. We make sure every resident has proper nutrition such as access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Our goal is to create a majority of our residents’ food from our land and switch to completely organic feed within 3-5 years.

No Breeding

Absolutely no breeding of residents, and proper precautions are taken to avoid breeding (including spay and neuter when appropriate).

Quality Vet Care

Priority is given to the safety, the physical and emotional well-being of residents. We have a relationship with Lakes Area Vet in Battle Lake, MN, and Wall Lake Vet in Fergus Falls, MN. 24 hour and emergency vet care are available for all our residents.

Rejection Of Inhumane Animal Practices

Animals will not be purchased from for-profit sources, and steps will be taken not to enable others to continue exploiting animals. All human and non-human interactions are respectful. No resident will ever be used for profit. 100% of all donations are given to promote and create ethical veganism.

100% Transparency:

We will always be honest and answer any questions with clarity. As a new
sanctuary, we encourage feedback and constructive criticism so that we can
continuously improve the lives of our residents.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you take in an animal that is in need of a permanent sanctuary or
foster care?

You are always welcome to contact us through our website, social media accounts, or at our email at We try our best to home or find a home for all animals in need, but we do have to turn away a vast majority due to space and funds. The best way to help create a sanctuary space for future residents is to donate monthly so we are able to create more homes when they are needed. We typically do not foster animals and focus more on a permanent residence.

Where do you get your residents from?
We take in farmed animals that are abused, injured, or unwanted. They come from a variety of places such as abuse or hoarding cases, transfers from other sanctuaries, rescue groups, and cockfighting busts. We do not pay for animals or purchase from for-profit sources. All steps are taken not to enable people to continue exploiting animals.

What types of animals do you rescue?
We home typically exploited farm animals (e.g., cows, pigs, ducks). We are looking to expand that list to all farmed species in need with future remodeling and funding.

How is your sanctuary different from a petting zoo or farm?
The well-being of the residents is our highest priority. Because we are a sanctuary, not a zoo, we do not typically allow visitors besides volunteers looking to help. Most of our residents are from abuse cases, so we do everything in our power not to expose them to anything that would give them further anxiety. We treat our residents as you would treat your companion animals by providing a safe place for the duration of their natural lives. We are a nonprofit, so any dollar donated goes directly to improving our residents’ lives.

Can I come to visit?
We do not typically allow people to visit for the well being of our residents. We do always encourage people to volunteer and would love to hear how you would like to help improve our residents’ lives, even if that is coming to clean out a coop or come give cuddles. We are unable to accept visitors outside of scheduled events / prearranged private tours.

Where are you located?
We are located in Underwood, Minnesota which is about 1 hour south of Fargo, North Dakota, and 3 hours north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We typically do not post our direct address for the safety of our residents and accept any mail to PO BOX 104, Underwood, Minnesota 56586.

How are you funded?
We are a federally registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are primarily funded by donations from our supporters along with personal donations from our board of directors.

Are my donations tax-deductible?
We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. Depending on your individual tax situation, your donation may be tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 83-2298884.

You are a vegan sanctuary. What does that mean?
Definition of Vegan according to The Vegan Society:
‘Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and
practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.’ We don’t use or sell any products from our residents (e.g., eggs), pay to rescue animals or let our residents breed. We do not allow any animal products on our property, including from visitors and volunteers. We also provide support and education about living a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. We are always here to help anyone looking to go vegan.

I’m not vegan, can I still support and volunteer?
Absolutely! Many of our supporters are not vegan. We believe everyone, human and non-human, should always be treated with respect. That is why our board members are vegan; to promote kindness to all earthlings regardless of species.