Meet The Family

Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary is currently home to chickens, goats,
and cows. We have also homed sheep and a turkey.

Our family comes from a variety of situations such as abuse cases,
hoarding cases, cockfighting busts, hatching projects, slaughterhouse
rescues, and surrenders.

Once here, they are part of our family like adopted children and are able
to be free.



Here at Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary, it is one of our missions to educate people and help stop the stigma surrounding roosters. Roosters are one of the most abused and killed animals on earth with billions killed each year due to the egg industry alone. Because they are not profitable to the meat and egg industry, roosters are killed as babies the day they are born by either suffocation or being ground alive.

All of our roosters are rescued by surrenders, cockfighting busts, hoarding
situations, and abuse cases.

Fun Rooster Facts:

  • Roosters can remember up to 100 words.
  • Roosters purr, similar to a cat, when cuddled and pet.
  • Roosters protect their chicken families by helping them find food and informing them of danger.
  • Roosters cannot taste heat and happen to love peppers.

Help us change the stigma behind roosters today and show people how intelligent and loving roosters are!


Hens are a popular backyard pet to many for their kind demeanor and the fact they lay eggs that people consume. The fact is, laying eggs at the rate hens do now is extremely dangerous to their system and causes diseases such as cancer and even death. Only a decade ago, hens laid less than 1/3 of what they do today. Because they have been genetically modified and bred to supply eggs for human consumption, we have hurt their natural healthy being. Even organic, free-range eggs are the product of a system that keeps these beautiful birds in terrible conditions while their bodies are forced to produce eggs against their natural womanly cycle. Hens on farms are bred to lay eggs until their systems wear out which then they are killed.

Here at Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary, we promote the ending of backyard
chickens and support the idea of adopting a vegan diet to stop this practice and abuse. We also feed our eggs back to our layers so that they can gain back some of the nutrients they have lost due to continually laying. We believe our hens are here not to produce for us, but to enjoy the remainder of their life in peace.

All of our hens are rescued by surrenders, hoarding situations, and abuse cases.


Daisy & Hazel

Hazel, Daisy, and Dani are three of four girls that were rescued off a slaughter truck by a vegan activist. The girls were immediately brought to the vet and it was learned that one of the girls was pregnant while Hazel, Daisy, and Dani were diagnosed with a chronic disease. The pregnant girl was rescued by another sanctuary while Hazel, Daisy, and Dani could not be placed for almost a year because no one was willing to take in special needs cows.

Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary was contacted and immediately took action to make sure to create a home for the girls. Even though they have a life-threatening disease, we are willing to do everything we can to make sure their entire life, no matter how long that may be, will be without fear.

Ever since arriving, they have gained an enormous amount of weight and any physical sign of their disease is gone. They have learned to trust humans, play, and enjoy having acres of grass that they have never experienced before.

We want to stop the stigma that animals like Hazel, Daisy, and Dani deserve to die if they have a disease instead of working to keep them healthy by giving them a proper diet, vitamins, and a stress-free life.

People believe dairy is a cruelty-free business when in reality, beautiful lives like Hazel, Daisy, Dani, and the other dairy cows are killed when they can no longer produce milk even if pregnant or perfectly capable of living a healthy life. We support adopting a vegan lifestyle to save lives like our girls along with help fight climate change highly strongly due to the beef and dairy industry.

Hazel passed away in fall of 2021 due to complications from johnes.


Bella, Hodor and Arvid



Rest in peace to all of family that passed in winter of 2022 from a predator attack. You will always be in our hearts. 

Tiger Lilly

Graham Cracker

Cluck Norris




Blueberry & Giraffe



Misses Speckles

Monica And Rachel

Dorothy & Sasha



Speckles Two

Agnes & Frances